Joy Jangdhari President and Researcher of Operation DareTo Care LLC.   provides evidence-based programs to assist veterans and their families to reintegrate into the civilian life.  These programs are educational, inspirational and motivational and include yoga therapy as well as mind-body reintegration.  The participants' learn practical methods to improve emotionally learning, facilitate well being and improve stress responses in one's Professional & Personal life. 

Operation Dare To Care- Vision is to build a center to give veterans and their families a safe haven to reintegrate into the civilian communities.  We will assist the veterans and their families to live life fully authentically and joyfully.   That includes  33 homes for our veterans and thier families to stay for 6 months to 1 year.  Our mission is LIfe Liberty and Happiness for all.


Encouraging and Creating Creativity and Innovation

for our veterans, families, and community! 

Some of the events for Operation Dare To Care

visit the website:  www.ODTC.CO

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